Elemental Temperaments

ART by Azriel Cross
ART by Azriel Cross

IN context; this post seeks to correlate psychology & astrological studies in a broad range of understanding. Personhood elemental energies as outlined via western astrology and personhood temperaments as outlined via popular psychology philosophies and psychologists.

In Western Astrology, all human-beings are combinations of the 4 basic elemental energies – Fire, Earth, Air & Water – and in psychology the qualities of these elements can be found in the 4 basic temperaments derived from the corresponding “humors”, also known as “fluids” of the body – Choleric, Phlegmatic, Sanguine & Melancholic.

Personal problems &/or challenges will be found in our elemental and temperamental imbalances. Therefore, a person can cure, heal their emotional &/or behavioural problems by giving practical consideration/contemplation toward active application of restoring the balance.

Here is a framework of reference of astrological elements & psychological temperaments:






















Choleric Phlegmatic Sanguine Melancholic


















We are born under universal influence of those elemental energies present at our birth time. We are born predisposed to certain psychological temperaments.

However, it has been studied and suggested that Elemental Temperaments can be blended to generate a deeper understanding. As I am a personal believer in fate AND free will, any imbalances found in the personhood framework, if willing to apply oneself to do the “work”, a person can cure and or re-balance their sense of self toward a healthier lifestyle. It has been studied/suggested this can be done by learning to identify these imbalances exists (with-in your own mental understanding), then physically applying new habits such as diet & exercise toward healthier habits.

Certainly, we have no quick-fix and for-certain remedies, it is always easier in theory than in “real-life” day-to-day experiences, but in navigating life’s mysteries we consider the theories.

Core personhood, I believe, is basically outlined in your SUN, MOON, and RISING sign energies, and naturally the deeper self-story emerges from this. (i.e., ruler-ships, chart placements, and the additional parts of your overall birth chart) But, for the purpose of somewhere to “start” and “maintain” focus on the core person, the Sun & Moon signs are a framework that can be helpful.

Considering your blend of SUN & MOON signs energies – and aligning with temperaments derived from the corresponding “humors”, also known as “fluids” of the body; please find your info. Box by looking under the elemental energy of your SUN SIGN (Fire, Earth, Air, Water) and line it up with the elemental energy of your MOON SIGN (Fire, Earth, Air, Water).

Here is a framework of reference for overall “Elemental Temperaments”:



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Experiencing Art: One Hundred Years and Four Quarters

Thanks to the world wide web, I have watched the evolution of Irish ART, come to Show via the Galway International Arts Festival held in Galway City, Ireland, every year.

I had the absolute pleasure of being able to encounter this festival of extraordinary experiences LIVE! Yes, I must admit, I packed in a whirlwind trip to the emerald isle during the summer of 2016.

Sharing with you now, is my experience of art, the visual exhibition of One Hundred Years and Four Quarters by Hughie O’Donoghue who is one of Ireland’s leading international artist that leans on his own experiences and connections to the people that he knew or knew of. In this art exhibition, a hundred years on from the events of the 1916 Easter Rising in Ireland, the four characters O’Donoghue has evoked in these new works are; the revolutionary, the soldier, the sailor and the peasant. Illustrating their different perspectives of the events of 1916 all the while as he explores the subjective and fugitive nature of truth.

This art of visuals served my senses with stark pictures of reality during those times, a sense of compassion for what it must have truly been like to live through such revolution, a deeper thought to how this life and style impacted the culture of those days and the collective sense of identity it built for the Irish people since those years. It moved me almost as much as the Theatre Performance Art we took in while in Dublin in 2014, called “Guerrilla Warfare”, but that is another story for another blog post 😉

Here are a few visuals of this Art Exhibition, One Hundred Years and Four Quarters:


Horsepower: Traction and Revolution, Oil and transparent photographic component on tarpaulin, photographic trace. 2016.


Agamemnon, oil on canvas wood and aluminium, photographic trace. 2016.


The King’s Ships, oil on canvas, photographic trace. 2016.

–> (flush along the right of the canvas are the countries of direction for these ships.)


Blood and Steel, oil on canvas, photographic trace. 2016.


Endurance Diagram, oil on canvas, photographic trace. 2016.

To learn more about the Easter Rising for Irish Independence, click here. 


This last picture: Me, always at “peace” when experiencing art and when this picture was taken, I was on CLOUD-NINE 😉 #IrishLass #IrishGal #FeelingSoAtHome <3  Galway International Arts Festival, Galway City, Ireland, EU. #giaf2016 — it certainly was the festival of extraordinary experiences! Can’t wait to go back for 2020!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Experiencing ART: The Singh Twins

ARTISTS Singh Twins
Photo taken by Herman Custodio {www.CustodioStudio.ca}

A special experience took place when we attended the artists’ talk at PAMA (Peel Art Gallery Museum) to hear the Singh Twins describe their work; depths of meaning brought to the surface for the audience to absorb through the senses, first via listening to the lecture, then looking at the art via the gallery; a two-fold experience much like the artists’ themselves ~

Criticised for not being different enough, for not possessing enough individualism that markedly identifies so-called “modern art”, the Singh Twins decided to challenge this western ideal of individuality by packaging their “same-ness” as the very thing, that makes them different.

The Singh Twins Contemporary Art practice offers an international appeal exploring global culture and politics in a unique, artistically detailed, very decorative way.

Diana & Marilyn
Diana & Marilyn


An International feature exhibition at PAMA, the Singh Twins ART is a beautiful highlight to help celebrate Sikh Heritage Month during April 2016. It’s not hard to tell why their paintings are award winning as they bring to life the Indian miniature tradition through their “past-modern” art practice that coveys visuals of modern day issues such as stereotypes and view-points on heritage in today’s society.

Here are a few visuals I sourced from the public domain:

Entwined 2010 Museum of London

Entwined, 2010.

The beast of revelation ..
The Beast of Revelation


















The Singh Twins have exhibited in some of Britain’s most prestigious art venues, completed numerous public commissions and are very well-known for their visual art yet, they also include illustration, writing and film-making to their body of work!  If you haven’t already…GO, check out these modern day originals 😉

Learn more:  The Singh Twins at PAMA

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Experiencing ART: Blue Period (Ode to Joy)

While taking in this art exhibit, a video installation played that song on repeat, the homage to Charles Schulz; to me, it sounded like something that would play in a funeral parlour. It did not sound bad, it sounded lonely and full of longing.

Artist Simon Hughes work is explicitly precise with hard edges and strong design elements yet the his concepts are full of abstraction. Upon viewing some of his paintings a person can see the images, upon closer inspection, a person can find innuendos lurking.

Simon Huges A

Simon Huges B

Plague Tree, Acrylic and collage on plywood panel, 40 x 40 inches


Simon Huges C

Simon Huges D

Exploded Museum, Acrylic and Collage on Linen over Plywood panel, 80 x 60 inches.


Then, there is his incorporation of colour tints and hues, when paired with his signature style elements, the art work transcends the “stillness” of it’s image to permeate a temperature that, if you stare too long at this art, you begin to think, you can feel it!

Simon Huges F

Cold Theory; acrylic latex, alkyd and Roll-a-tex on birch plywood panel


Simon Huges Ex2

Installation View (above)

This Blue Period Art Exhibition was really an “(Ode to Joy)”, infused through out the gallery were sounds that longed for joy and imagery that joyfully impacted the eyes both from afar and up-close, even when just sitting near it, a person could certainly want to ‘coast’ into places where joy might be found, in the warmth of the mind’s eye.

Learn more: Simon Hughes, Division Gallery Toronto





The Reminder

city streets

Live your life as you wish, embrace those chances, life’s offering you a kiss!

Keep your responsibilities handled up-right, then grant yourself permission to wander, and seek delight.

Take your time and don’t bother to hurry; savour life before the bury, before the hush makes a person stationary.

Have some fun and disband worry, living for the little things and the soul’s journey.