*A refurbished story of a time-less tale….

Once upon a time, there was an island where all the ‘feelings’ lived; happiness, sadness, knowledge, LOVE, etc. It was announced to all the ‘feelings’ that the island would sink, so all the ‘feelings’ began to pack up and set sail on their constructed boats. Except for LOVE.

LOVE was the only one that decided to hold on until the last possible moment and stayed. When the island began to sink, LOVE decided to ask for help.

Security was passing by LOVE in a large boat, LOVE said, “Security, can you take me with you?” Security answered “No, I can’t. There is a lot of material stuff in my boat and no place here for you.”

LOVE decided to ask Vanity who was passing by in a beautiful looking vessel, “Vanity, can you please help me?”; “I can’t help you LOVE, you are all wet and might damage my boat” Vanity answered.

Sadness was close by and so LOVE asked, “Sadness, let me go with you!”, “Oh, LOVE, I am sad and need to be by myself!”

Happiness passed LOVE by, so enthralled with happiness, LOVE’s cries were not even heard.

Suddenly there was a voice, “Come LOVE, I will take you.”  Feeling so grateful LOVE forgot to ask who this helpful presence was or where they were going, just blessed to be in this elder presence.

When they arrived at dry land, this presence went on its own way and LOVE realized how much was owed to this elder presence. So, LOVE asked Knowledge, another elder, “Who was it that helped me?” — “It was TIME,” Knowledge answered. “Time?” asked LOVE. “Why did Time help me?”

Knowledge smiled with deep wisdom and answered; “because only TIME is capable of understanding how valuable LOVE is.”

~The End~



Elemental Temperaments

ART by Azriel Cross
ART by Azriel Cross

IN context; this post seeks to correlate psychology & astrological studies in a broad range of understanding. Personhood elemental energies as outlined via western astrology and personhood temperaments as outlined via popular psychology philosophies and psychologists.

In Western Astrology, all human-beings are combinations of the 4 basic elemental energies – Fire, Earth, Air & Water – and in psychology the qualities of these elements can be found in the 4 basic temperaments derived from the corresponding “humors”, also known as “fluids” of the body – Choleric, Phlegmatic, Sanguine & Melancholic.

Personal problems &/or challenges will be found in our elemental and temperamental imbalances. Therefore, a person can cure, heal their emotional &/or behavioural problems by giving practical consideration/contemplation toward active application of restoring the balance.

Here is a framework of reference of astrological elements & psychological temperaments:






















Choleric Phlegmatic Sanguine Melancholic


















We are born under universal influence of those elemental energies present at our birth time. We are born predisposed to certain psychological temperaments.

However, it has been studied and suggested that Elemental Temperaments can be blended to generate a deeper understanding. As I am a personal believer in fate AND free will, any imbalances found in the personhood framework, if willing to apply oneself to do the “work”, a person can cure and or re-balance their sense of self toward a healthier lifestyle. It has been studied/suggested this can be done by learning to identify these imbalances exists (with-in your own mental understanding), then physically applying new habits such as diet & exercise toward healthier habits.

Certainly, we have no quick-fix and for-certain remedies, it is always easier in theory than in “real-life” day-to-day experiences, but in navigating life’s mysteries we consider the theories.

Core personhood, I believe, is basically outlined in your SUN, MOON, and RISING sign energies, and naturally the deeper self-story emerges from this. (i.e., ruler-ships, chart placements, and the additional parts of your overall birth chart) But, for the purpose of somewhere to “start” and “maintain” focus on the core person, the Sun & Moon signs are a framework that can be helpful.

Considering your blend of SUN & MOON signs energies – and aligning with temperaments derived from the corresponding “humors”, also known as “fluids” of the body; please find your info. Box by looking under the elemental energy of your SUN SIGN (Fire, Earth, Air, Water) and line it up with the elemental energy of your MOON SIGN (Fire, Earth, Air, Water).

Here is a framework of reference for overall “Elemental Temperaments”:



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Spiritual Astrology

Spiritual – relating to, or affecting the human spirit or soul as opposed to material or physical things.

Astrology – the study of the movements and relative positions of celestial bodies interpreted as having an influence on human affairs and the natural world.

**We all must deal with the natural state of our Human Condition and we all have spiritual challenges as a result. Here are a few bits for each Sun/RISING sign to consider…

ARIES:  The Independent One – They interpret the behaviour of others toward them in terms of; how well another acknowledges their unique persona and  how well another  will support their independent nature. SPIRITUAL CHALLENGES: Not using their courage for the greater good.

SPIRITUAL ACTUALIZATION: Mobilizing the sense of spirit, from the spirit,  by  the spirit and actively using their pioneering energies to inspire themselves & others.

TAURUS: The Dependable One – They interpret the behaviour of others toward them in terms of; how clearly others perceive their worth and how much others value and appreciate them. SPIRITUAL CHALLENGES: Insistent that others do things their way.

SPIRITUAL ACTUALIZATION:   Contributing what they consider valuable without expectation, this builds a stronger sense of self-worth and enables a higher level of productivity in the external world for Taurus Rising.

GEMINI: The Communicator – They interpret the behaviour of others toward them in terms of: how well others accept their thoughts and ideas. SPIRITUAL CHALLENGES: Staying in tuned with their intellectual honesty.

SPIRITUAL ACTUALIZATION: Sharing their ideas and information with others which provides excitement and  socialization for all those around them.

CANCER: The Empathic One – They interpret the behaviour of others toward them in terms of: how well others demonstrate that they are aware of and care about their feelings. SPIRITUAL CHALLENGES: Gloomy sensitivity from unfavourable impressions received in their environment.

SPIRITUAL ACTUALIZATION: Embracing feedback as a gift that allows them to nurture and emotionally support other people in exactly they way that is vitally needed.

LEO:  The Entertainer – They interpret the behaviour of others toward them in terms of: how willing others are to cheer them up & cheer them on. SPIRITUAL CHALLENGES: Tendency toward self-dramatization.

SPIRITUAL ACTUALIZATION: Providing leadership as a sensitive and creative leader and extending themselves in ways that uplift and inspire others around them.

VIRGO:  The Helper – They interpret the behaviour of others toward them in terms of: whether or not others are as understanding of people as they are. SPIRITUAL CHALLENGES: Criticism without sound sense/judgement.

SPIRITUAL ACTUALIZATION: Being of help to others on a practical level that assist them in reaching their goals.

LIBRA: The Partner – They interpret the behaviour of others toward them in terms of: whether or not others are playing fair with them, according to their own values of equality and balance. SPIRITUAL CHALLENGES: Difficulty in maintaining inner peace and sense of security from with-in.

SPIRITUAL ACTUALIZATION: Helping to balance the energies of others by sharing their objective viewpoint and acting as a peacemaker.

SCORPIO: The Change Agent – They interpret the behaviour of others toward them in terms of: whether others are properly acknowledging their inherent depth and potency. SPIRITUAL CHALLENGES: Being competitive.

SPIRITUAL ACTUALIZATION: Extending themselves in ways that alter the lives of others through the powers of their deep perceptions.

SAGITTARIUS:  The Optimist – They interpret the behaviour of others toward them in terms of: whether others have faith in them and acknowledge their good intentions. SPIRITUAL CHALLENGES: Unhealthy sense of faith in self.

SPIRITUAL ACTUALIZATION:  Sharing their special gift to provide others a sense of faith in themselves and teaching them the deepest meaning of freedom.

CAPRICORN: The Achiever – They interpret the behaviour of others toward them in terms of: others showing appropriate respect for them. SPIRITUAL CHALLENGES: Emphasis on social image that prevents emotional bonding with others.

SPIRITUAL ACTUALIZATION: Establishing authority and organizing that appeals to the public, helping others with their awareness of structure that leads to a deeper rapport with others.

AQUARIUS: The Friend – They interpret the behaviour of others toward them in terms of: whether others approach people with the same spirit of understanding and supportiveness that the Aquarius Rising does. SPIRITUAL CHALLENGES: Eccentric individualism that isolates.

SPIRITUAL ACTUALIZATION: Actively using gifts to promote the advancement of other people by contributing innovative solutions for their problems.

PISCES: The Gentle Healer – They interpret the behaviour of others toward them in terms of: whether others consider the sensitive personality they have when relating to them. SPIRITUAL CHALLENGES: Justifying lack of participation toward healing others b/c they feel like victims.

SPIRITUAL ACTUALIZATION: Expressing their compassion and understanding of the human condition to dissolve others’ upset; through the power of their perception provide true unconditional love.

**If you know your RISING Sign, read that AND your Sun Sign** BOTH are relevant to your personhood…(more on this in a future post) 😉

Dia dhuit…

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Experiencing ART: The Prelude & The Recluse

Making strides on Dupont Street, our little group of Art Lovers turned the corner and made our way toward Unit #15 of the Angell Gallery, excited to view the contemporary art works of artist Gavin Lynch.

The title of this show originates from an unfinished poem by English Poet, William Wordsworth, whom like Lynch, used nature as his subject.

In this piece, I found my favourite:

Gavin Lynch_Angell Gallery_Feb 10 16

{Prelude no. 4 (Lost on the Slope), 2015, oil/acrylic on canvas, 84″ x 60″}

The pieces of his art on show here, all reflect various types of landscapes and their conceptual dualities. One becomes aware that the sites are of historical significance as Lynch, takes his visuals from the Killarney Provincial Park which was the sketching location for the Group of Seven.

Gavin Lynch ART

The distinctive style of this artist is found in his naturalism and stylization, flatness and depth, luminosity and darkness, abstraction and representation, and that strike juxtapositions of hard and soft forms. Sharp details of his paintings, lifted slightly off the canvas, I confess…. I did softly touch!

Gavin Lynch certainly has a distinct style and in this exhibition, The Prelude and The Recluse, the audience of viewers is invited to look AT the paintings of prelude, while looking IN at the paintings of recluse…. (please see artist’s website to visualize this further).

This exhibit left me and my Art Loving pals, LOTS of room for interpretation and we were sharing our different points of view …right after the show!

Learn more here: ARTIST:  GALLERY:

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Experiencing ART: A Brief History

So lucky we were upon arrival to the Koffer Gallery at Artscape Youngplace, to learn that the Artist Howard Podeswa was on site, just as we were all about to partake in his exhibition: A Brief History.

He walked with us around the exhibit which is set up to tell the story in sections; sharing his pondering, while making these hypnotising paintings. He was kind to answer our questions and open to our feedback.

A Brief History Art Exhibition is Podeswa’s reflection on the current state of the world, articulating an end of times cosmology inspired by artistic and scientific visions such as Dante’s allegories of the afterlife and Stephen Hawking’s quantum theories.

Each piece was dark and deep with contemplation, using various shades of black, the images held with-in them very desolate, depicting war-torn or rioting times in our history of mankind. Symbols, that a person might be able to identify IF you spent the time with each piece, as I looked closer to decipher what my eyes were seeing, I considered that these painting’s could be what both Heaven and Hell look like. {Deep soulful breath taken}

Here are the two show-stopping pieces from this art exhibition “A Brief History” by Howard Podeswa:

AY-A Brief History-Howard Podeswa1

This piece, a visual of…Hell.

AY-A Brief History-Howard Podeswa2

This one is a visual of Heaven, can you tell?

Learn more: Howard Podeswa: A Brief History, Koffer Gallery

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Experiencing ART: The Weakened Eye of Day

We were all particularly excited to see this solo exhibition by Irish artist Isabel Nolan, which is presented via a collaboration between the Irish Museum of Modern Art, Mercer Union in Toronto and the Contemporary Art Gallery in Vancouver.

The weakened eye of day explores how light manifests as a metaphor in our thoughts, obsessions and pursuits. It takes it’s title from Thomas Hardy’s poem, The Darkling Thrush (1899), in which the sun is a dismal star drained of its force by a gloomy winter afternoon that weakens the spirit of the poet who, until interrupted by a bird singing, see’s only death in the cold winter around him.

This show certainly offers the viewer a sense of enchantment and neutralization at different parts of discernment. Offering various pieces of her expression through a wide range of media; a wall rug, the ceramic bowls “Nothing New Under The Sun” as indicators of the characterisations of planets in the Ptolemy’s geocentric cosmology. Framed text that tells the story of The Rock that does not dream and belongs to the Great Outdoors; as a person walks around this exhibit they become very aware that each piece wants to tell you something…. image2

Using the Lion as the centre piece for the exhibit, the artist symbolizes the SUN. It is clear that it all is revolving around the SUN. And I think, how true it is, that all we do as human’s, happens under the SUN!

As I am a certified western astrologer, I immediately connected to the view point conveyed and wondered, does Nolan experience any influence from astrology?  The deeper I get into this art exhibition I learn that, Nolan does approach the work with cosmologies in mind, although informally and as an amateur, she is admittedly curious.


Her objects used in this exhibit draw attention to human beings trying and failing to figure out what exactly is, our central point of existence….


The work is latent with desire to examine life from a larger point of view, challenging us to embrace both moments in current time and our stories from history, seducing us with real ideas and potential phenomena.

There appears to be an interest in abstraction and the expression there-in that, the effect of the past and what it can or will cause for the future…

{Disorder drowning everything in sight, 2015. Watercolour on canvas 23.5″ x 31.5″}

From her artist statement, it is shared that Nolan’s work looks at how aesthetic sensibilities and diverse ways of knowing, inform world views and that artworks are a search for meaning and beauty which is both necessary and absurd….

Learn more:  Artist: Isabel Nolan      Gallery: Mercer Union

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Experiencing ART: Blue Period (Ode to Joy)

While taking in this art exhibit, a video installation played that song on repeat, the homage to Charles Schulz; to me, it sounded like something that would play in a funeral parlour. It did not sound bad, it sounded lonely and full of longing.

Artist Simon Hughes work is explicitly precise with hard edges and strong design elements yet the his concepts are full of abstraction. Upon viewing some of his paintings a person can see the images, upon closer inspection, a person can find innuendos lurking.

Simon Huges A

Simon Huges B

Plague Tree, Acrylic and collage on plywood panel, 40 x 40 inches


Simon Huges C

Simon Huges D

Exploded Museum, Acrylic and Collage on Linen over Plywood panel, 80 x 60 inches.


Then, there is his incorporation of colour tints and hues, when paired with his signature style elements, the art work transcends the “stillness” of it’s image to permeate a temperature that, if you stare too long at this art, you begin to think, you can feel it!

Simon Huges F

Cold Theory; acrylic latex, alkyd and Roll-a-tex on birch plywood panel


Simon Huges Ex2

Installation View (above)

This Blue Period Art Exhibition was really an “(Ode to Joy)”, infused through out the gallery were sounds that longed for joy and imagery that joyfully impacted the eyes both from afar and up-close, even when just sitting near it, a person could certainly want to ‘coast’ into places where joy might be found, in the warmth of the mind’s eye.

Learn more: Simon Hughes, Division Gallery Toronto





Experiencing Art: Winter Stations Design Competition 2016

Not even the torrent of Toronto winter weather can keep Art, Design and Beach lovers away from these unique installations!

This competition seeks to revitalize sections of the Beaches waterfront from Ashbridges Bay through to Kew and Balmy Beach, with public art installations that must last through the long and harsh winters of Canada.

We embarked on our exploration of these art installs on a Saturday in February that was unseasonably mild, dressing in layers and outfitting with Sun glasses; the SUN was shinning and we were red hot with excitement!

Arriving at Kew Beach, we parked the car along the street and felt the lake affect immediately. Preparing for the walk, I bundled up and thought “Jez, it’s not so cold down here!”.  Drudging along through the hardened sand, the water tides rolled in and with a gust of wind, so did the sand! Thank goodness for those sun-glasses, is all I will tell….

Here are three of the art installations that we came across in order of how we met them; you will notice many of the people in these shots are bundled for the cold but in these moments, were trying most to ward off the wind!

Winter stations art install-beaches -Victor Huynh Calvin Fung

FLOW SANDBOX by artists Victor Huynh and Calvin Fung


Winter Art Installs - beaches-Caitlind Brown-WayneGarrett LaneShordee

THE BELLY OF THE BEAR by artists Caitlind Brown, Wayne Garret and Lane Shore.

Winter Art Installs-Mark Tholen CurtisHo JungyunLee MonifaOncaCharles ReliaPark-HamidShahi-LambertStCyr-JaewonKim-JasonWong

THE STEAM CANOE by artists Mark Tholen, Curtis Ho, Jungyun Lee, Monifa Onca Charles, Reila Park, Hamid Shahi, Lambert St.Cry, Jaewon Kim and Jason Wong.

This was my favourite, it’s a sight to see and feel, its majestic in size and so believable from where it sits; symbolizing the development of Canada along millions of lakes and streams, where many cultures of people landed and turned their boats upside down and used them to create shelter.  EPIC!

This exhibit runs February 15 – March 20, 2016.

Learn more here: Winter Stations Design Competition


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The Reminder

city streets

Live your life as you wish, embrace those chances, life’s offering you a kiss!

Keep your responsibilities handled up-right, then grant yourself permission to wander, and seek delight.

Take your time and don’t bother to hurry; savour life before the bury, before the hush makes a person stationary.

Have some fun and disband worry, living for the little things and the soul’s journey.



FullSizeRenderSuspended here if only for a time,
the cause could create concern,
instead, it will be left behind.

Suspended here and time ticks on,
visions of what's 'to come' will brew,
once this 'rational' sickness is gone.

The way it use to be,
it never really was.
An illusion, if only, just because.

The spirit is tired, 
wanting very badly to be...
FREE from all familiarity.

The End.