Experiencing Art: Focused Moments

131-Rachel Feinstein-WICKER QUEEN 1998


WICKER QUEEN 1998 – Mixed media

The Artist, Rachel Feinstein, statement about this piece: I have always been moved by melancholy, nostalgia for childhood, and the decay of time. Wicker Queen was the first time I conjured up these feelings of weakness and sadness by using the formal image of collapsing sculpture. Before that piece I would try to create a realistic image of a woman and her tears, for example. Now I felt an excitement and freedom through being able to say what I want to say but through the form only. Wicker Queen said it all but was still quite mysterious since it was not “realistic”. There was such an amazing liberation in the actual making of the form too, since it involved throwing stuff together in any which way it landed. The whole thing couldn’t be planned and that “of the moment” quality is what made the piece have more meaning than anything else I had made before.

How this ART impacted me:

Oh! the pain of real change!!!

My image has shaken itself down to the core,

this shape that exists, has got to go…

It’s a bore!

What is the new norm for my future form?

I look daily and keep busy developing a better size.

My confidence is preparing to marry with a deeper pleasure with-in,

through my commitment of everyday effort…

I am liberated from the pain of change and see exactly what I want,

arriving on the outside of me.

Experiencing Art: The Struggle

75-Vija Celmins- ENVELOPE 1964

ENVELOPE 1964 – oil on canvas

The Artist, Vija Celmins, statement on this piece: This small painting of a letter was done in 1963-64 when I was backing away from the large, gestural-inspired paintings I had been struggling with as a student. It is one of many paintings I did of objects in my studio that focused more on looking and less on what I knew. It became a new beginning for me.

How this ART impacted me:

I could see my intuition arriving here

it has torn through the paper and floated in the air.

why do I focus on what lays ripped here

why do I know that shadow that lingers there

how do I get past the perfectionist Virgo that blocks the gate

how do I bring forward ALL Libra, 5th house energy rate

I need to let go, of all that I know

Looking longer at what flows in front of me

My intuition feels; the channel changing.