Experiencing ART: The Singh Twins

ARTISTS Singh Twins
Photo taken by Herman Custodio {www.CustodioStudio.ca}

A special experience took place when we attended the artists’ talk at PAMA (Peel Art Gallery Museum) to hear the Singh Twins describe their work; depths of meaning brought to the surface for the audience to absorb through the senses, first via listening to the lecture, then looking at the art via the gallery; a two-fold experience much like the artists’ themselves ~

Criticised for not being different enough, for not possessing enough individualism that markedly identifies so-called “modern art”, the Singh Twins decided to challenge this western ideal of individuality by packaging their “same-ness” as the very thing, that makes them different.

The Singh Twins Contemporary Art practice offers an international appeal exploring global culture and politics in a unique, artistically detailed, very decorative way.

Diana & Marilyn
Diana & Marilyn


An International feature exhibition at PAMA, the Singh Twins ART is a beautiful highlight to help celebrate Sikh Heritage Month during April 2016. It’s not hard to tell why their paintings are award winning as they bring to life the Indian miniature tradition through their “past-modern” art practice that coveys visuals of modern day issues such as stereotypes and view-points on heritage in today’s society.

Here are a few visuals I sourced from the public domain:

Entwined 2010 Museum of London

Entwined, 2010.

The beast of revelation ..
The Beast of Revelation


















The Singh Twins have exhibited in some of Britain’s most prestigious art venues, completed numerous public commissions and are very well-known for their visual art yet, they also include illustration, writing and film-making to their body of work!  If you haven’t already…GO, check out these modern day originals 😉

Learn more:  The Singh Twins at PAMA

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Experiencing ART: The Prelude & The Recluse

Making strides on Dupont Street, our little group of Art Lovers turned the corner and made our way toward Unit #15 of the Angell Gallery, excited to view the contemporary art works of artist Gavin Lynch.

The title of this show originates from an unfinished poem by English Poet, William Wordsworth, whom like Lynch, used nature as his subject.

In this piece, I found my favourite:

Gavin Lynch_Angell Gallery_Feb 10 16

{Prelude no. 4 (Lost on the Slope), 2015, oil/acrylic on canvas, 84″ x 60″}

The pieces of his art on show here, all reflect various types of landscapes and their conceptual dualities. One becomes aware that the sites are of historical significance as Lynch, takes his visuals from the Killarney Provincial Park which was the sketching location for the Group of Seven.

Gavin Lynch ART

The distinctive style of this artist is found in his naturalism and stylization, flatness and depth, luminosity and darkness, abstraction and representation, and that strike juxtapositions of hard and soft forms. Sharp details of his paintings, lifted slightly off the canvas, I confess…. I did softly touch!

Gavin Lynch certainly has a distinct style and in this exhibition, The Prelude and The Recluse, the audience of viewers is invited to look AT the paintings of prelude, while looking IN at the paintings of recluse…. (please see artist’s website to visualize this further).

This exhibit left me and my Art Loving pals, LOTS of room for interpretation and we were sharing our different points of view …right after the show!

Learn more here: ARTIST: http://gavinlynch.net/  GALLERY: http://www.angellgallery.com/

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Experiencing ART: A Brief History

So lucky we were upon arrival to the Koffer Gallery at Artscape Youngplace, to learn that the Artist Howard Podeswa was on site, just as we were all about to partake in his exhibition: A Brief History.

He walked with us around the exhibit which is set up to tell the story in sections; sharing his pondering, while making these hypnotising paintings. He was kind to answer our questions and open to our feedback.

A Brief History Art Exhibition is Podeswa’s reflection on the current state of the world, articulating an end of times cosmology inspired by artistic and scientific visions such as Dante’s allegories of the afterlife and Stephen Hawking’s quantum theories.

Each piece was dark and deep with contemplation, using various shades of black, the images held with-in them very desolate, depicting war-torn or rioting times in our history of mankind. Symbols, that a person might be able to identify IF you spent the time with each piece, as I looked closer to decipher what my eyes were seeing, I considered that these painting’s could be what both Heaven and Hell look like. {Deep soulful breath taken}

Here are the two show-stopping pieces from this art exhibition “A Brief History” by Howard Podeswa:

AY-A Brief History-Howard Podeswa1

This piece, a visual of…Hell.

AY-A Brief History-Howard Podeswa2

This one is a visual of Heaven, can you tell?

Learn more: Howard Podeswa: A Brief History, Koffer Gallery

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