Experiencing ART: The Weakened Eye of Day

We were all particularly excited to see this solo exhibition by Irish artist Isabel Nolan, which is presented via a collaboration between the Irish Museum of Modern Art, Mercer Union in Toronto and the Contemporary Art Gallery in Vancouver.

The weakened eye of day explores how light manifests as a metaphor in our thoughts, obsessions and pursuits. It takes it’s title from Thomas Hardy’s poem, The Darkling Thrush (1899), in which the sun is a dismal star drained of its force by a gloomy winter afternoon that weakens the spirit of the poet who, until interrupted by a bird singing, see’s only death in the cold winter around him.

This show certainly offers the viewer a sense of enchantment and neutralization at different parts of discernment. Offering various pieces of her expression through a wide range of media; a wall rug, the ceramic bowls “Nothing New Under The Sun” as indicators of the characterisations of planets in the Ptolemy’s geocentric cosmology. Framed text that tells the story of The Rock that does not dream and belongs to the Great Outdoors; as a person walks around this exhibit they become very aware that each piece wants to tell you something…. image2

Using the Lion as the centre piece for the exhibit, the artist symbolizes the SUN. It is clear that it all is revolving around the SUN. And I think, how true it is, that all we do as human’s, happens under the SUN!

As I am a certified western astrologer, I immediately connected to the view point conveyed and wondered, does Nolan experience any influence from astrology?  The deeper I get into this art exhibition I learn that, Nolan does approach the work with cosmologies in mind, although informally and as an amateur, she is admittedly curious.


Her objects used in this exhibit draw attention to human beings trying and failing to figure out what exactly is, our central point of existence….


The work is latent with desire to examine life from a larger point of view, challenging us to embrace both moments in current time and our stories from history, seducing us with real ideas and potential phenomena.

There appears to be an interest in abstraction and the expression there-in that, the effect of the past and what it can or will cause for the future…

{Disorder drowning everything in sight, 2015. Watercolour on canvas 23.5″ x 31.5″}

From her artist statement, it is shared that Nolan’s work looks at how aesthetic sensibilities and diverse ways of knowing, inform world views and that artworks are a search for meaning and beauty which is both necessary and absurd….

Learn more:  Artist: Isabel Nolan      Gallery: Mercer Union

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